Seniors often converse with each other about changes in energy level, longing for days when they were busy from dawn to dusk. Do you recall hearing grandparents say that they “get up and go and has got up and gone?” Do your mother and father ever talk about dwindling energy? They may avoid the topic, not wanting to concern you in case the cause is their health. Chances are the underlying issue is longing to have enough energy to enjoy whatever the day presents! As you read about ways for seniors to boost energy, consider how to engage your parent in a conversation about “get up and go.” Openly discussing your own energy’s ups and downs encourages sharing.

Food and Beverage Energy Boosting

Sense of taste and smell can diminish with age and some medications. These factors often interfere with eating and can be discouraging for those with once hearty appetites. This may result in eating foods laden with sugar, fat, and calories. Think of how these bog down a person without adding any nutritional value!

Tips for boosting energy through food and beverage include:

  • Drinking water throughout the day to avoid the energy lows associated with even small levels of dehydration
  • Eating enough protein and magnesium. Chicken, fish, and beans add protein. Oatmeal, whole grains, nuts, and sunflower seeds add magnesium, are filling, and gentle on blood sugar levels
  • Smoothies are a tasty, colorful way to add fluid and protein to a senior’s diet! Recipes can be adjusted based on preferences and dietary limitations. They can be prepared ahead, ready to drink when it’s time for a boost
  • Using spices and herbs in cooking stimulates taste and enriches the flavor

Sleep for Energy and Health

Sleep is vital throughout our lives, yet getting enough can be a challenge. As a group seniors have more sleep concerns than other age groups. Ideas that support energy-boosting sleep are:

  • A regular bedtime begins with time away from the TV and electronic devices
  • Assuring comfortable room temperature and bedding, with limited light and noise distractions
  • Reduced caffeine intake

Boosts from Interests and Activities

Physical activities such as walking, weight training, tai chi, and dancing boost energy and lift spirits, even when done for brief amounts of time.

Any interest or activity that fully absorbs a person can boost energy. Focused attention on a favorite pursuit is an adult’s playtime. It may be jigsaw puzzles, crafts, baking, reading, singing, listening to music, or you name it!

Stress Management Tips

Stress can sneak up in the form of worry, health concerns, aches, and pains, or being fatigued. These rob a senior of precious energy and moments of peace. There are simple steps that can help to reduce stress, such as:

Focused breathing

This helps one’s abdomen, especially while lying, increases the flow of air through the lungs. Worries fade into the background when concentrating on slow, deep breathing.

Laughter and humor

These are stress relievers, so watching a funny show, or reading cartoons can lighten one’s mood and give an energizing lift.


A gentle shoulder and back massage by a loved one relieves stress because of the benefits of touch.

Getting Out and About

Getting out to visit people and favorite places boosts energy through social interaction and a change of scenery. Adding a touch of spontaneity, such as stopping to buy a bouquet, creates fond memories along with a welcome energy lift.

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