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Meal Planning and Support

Meal planning can be challenging for anyone, but especially for those with a variety of diet restrictions, changing tastes, nutritional needs, and decreases in appetite. There are countless considerations when it comes to planning meals for older adults.

Home Delivered Meals

With studies showing that many seniors living alone are undernourished or malnourished, meal delivery services can be an affordable and convenient option. Ready to make meals kits can be repetitive with less ability to customize meals, which may not be the best choice. With meal delivery services, seniors often supplement home cooked meals with processed food and snacks which are high in salt and sugar, potentially leading to negative health effects.


Why Meal Support is Critical to Senior Care

As seniors age, nutritional needs change. An unbalanced diet can irritate or worsen a body’s inability to absorb or extract necessary nutrients from food. This eventually can lean to health concerns like skin disorders, bone growth deficiencies, digestion issues, and even cognitive impairment. Some seniors also discover decreases in appetite and changes in taste. Most seniors don’t eat the same foods or the same way they did when they were younger. Having a healthy, balanced diet can help seniors feel their best, longer.

Seniors in the Kitchen

The kitchen can be an increasingly dangerous place in the home for seniors living alone. With sharp knives and hot stoves leading to potential injuries. Having help in the kitchen can go a long way in reducing stress and increasing peace of mind.


Meal Planning and Support Services

At Senior1Care, we work with our clients to give the highest quality of nutritional care while paying close attention to prescribed diets, personal tastes, and weight maintenance goals. Our caregivers follow the guidelines of your medical professionals for your specific condition.

Our Caretakers Can:

  • Help make a shopping list and clip coupons together
  • Shop for groceries with the senior or on their behalf
  • Prepare meals according to dietary needs, portion sizes, and preferences
  • Offer feeding assistance
  • Monitor food and fluid intake
  • Establish nutritional support for decreasing appetites or weight loss
  • Dispose of outdated food

Using a trained Senior1Care caregiver for meal planning and meal support can help keep your loved one living independently for as long as possible. At Senior1Care, our caregivers are passionate about helping seniors live happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

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