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Shared Technology Resources Transforming Senior Care in Indiana Communities

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As featured in an earlier blog post, Senior1Care has been using virtual reality (VR) as part of its training program for the past four years, with each caregiver receiving four hours of virtual reality training, in addition to regular curriculum.  Through this technology, caregivers at Senior1Care are granted a unique opportunity – the chance

Looking for Alternatives

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“Mom is not thriving.” The family knew it, but they did not know how to help. They thought moving their mom, Susan*, into a skilled nursing facility was the only answer, but a year later, they felt desperate to find an alternative.

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Home Care Agency

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It’s important to carefully weigh all your options before “signing on the dotted line.” Factors to consider when choosing a home care agency include services offered, reputation, and cost. Getting answers to the following questions will help ensure that all your care needs are met without breaking your budget.

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