The tables have turned. Years ago, one of your parents dreaded having “the talk” with you, but they survived it. Now, it’s your turn. Mom or dad needs more help with daily living, and you need to initiate “the talk” with them about senior home care.

Most seniors don’t want to face the need for someone to come and help them with simple tasks they now struggle with, like laundry, cooking, shopping, or driving – things they’ve been doing all of their adult life. Their perceived loss of independence can make this a tough conversation to have.

Here are some tips to make the conversation a little easier.

Talk to Siblings First

Everyone needs to be on the same page when it comes to bringing in help for their parent, or your loved one will object more strenuously when they sense dissension. Get all siblings together either in-person or on a video call and talk it out. If you can’t come to a consensus, contact a reputable home care agency like Senior1Care in South Bend to assess your parent’s needs and help you resolve any issues.

Have “The Talk” Sooner, Rather Than Later

Procrastinating and putting off the discussion can be tempting, but it’s problematic. You never know when your loved one is going to face a medical challenge or emergency. That will make your discussion more difficult and stressful for both of you. Having the talk before illness or injury strikes also allows your loved one to be an active participant in the discussion and see that your family is “all in this together.”

It can also be helpful to involve people your loved one trusts. Their physician, spouse, or close friend can also be an influencer.

Don’t Expect An Immediate Decision

If you let your mom or dad participate and share their feelings about having a caregiver come into their home, you might get push-back initially. Respect their opinion and listen carefully to their concerns. Respond right then, if you’re comfortable. If you’re not, table the discussion for another time when you feel prepared and able to converse calmly.

Focus on the Positives

Highlight all of the positive aspects of home care. Avoid talking about their limitations. Instead, talk about the support they’ll be receiving. Also, tell them how having a caregiver will take a lot of strain and pressure off you and allow you to take better care of your spouse, children, and job (if applicable). Your reassurance that it is for everyone’s benefit may positively influence their decision.

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