“Mom is not thriving.” The family knew it, but they did not know how to help. They thought moving their mom, Susan*, into a skilled nursing facility was the only answer, but a year later, they felt desperate to find an alternative.

Susan had been living independently in her own home in Fort Wayne when she was diagnosed with a chronic medical condition that required 24-hour care. Susan’s daughter lived in Chicago and worried that she would not be able to support her mom or oversee her care from such a distance. They made the difficult decision to move Susan from her hometown into a skilled nursing facility in Chicago.

Pandemic-related lockdowns meant Susan’s facility was closed to visitors for extended periods. This made it difficult for her daughter to be involved in her mom’s ongoing treatment, and Susan’s mental health suffered due to the isolation. As the family grew worried about their mother’s well-being, they began talking to people they knew in search of options. That is when a friend recommended Senior1Care.

“First, we listen,” said Jane Francis, RN, Executive Director, Senior1Care Fort Wayne. “It’s important to talk to people to learn what they need and what will work best for them based on their health, personality and preferences.” Susan wanted to move back to Fort Wayne, to live independently, and receive care in her home.

“We look at the whole picture of what a person needs and coordinate the resources,” said Jane. A Senior1Care manager traveled to Chicago to spend a day talking with Susan and her care team to create a plan for Susan’s return to Fort Wayne. Senior1Care discovered that Susan did not have the right medical specialists assigned to her so they scheduled appointments for her to see specialists her first week back in Fort Wayne. Using their in-person interviews as a guide, Senior1Care built a dedicated team of caregivers to work in her home 24/7.

When it was time for Susan to move, Senior1Care created a checklist to help the family equip the house for Susan’s arrival. Then a Senior1Care staff person rode with Susan from Chicago to Fort Wayne to support her during the transition.

Now Susan receives music therapy, home-cooked meals, and one-on-one attention from a committed team of caregivers in her home. Susan’s family is relieved. Susan’s mental health has improved, and most importantly, she is thriving.

“Senior1Care’s strength is customizing services,” said Jane who has been excited to help establish Senior1Care in Fort Wayne. “The key is there are alternatives. We’re here to help you find them.”

*Fictitious name used for privacy.

Article submitted by Shannan Miller