Your parents have always been proud and independent, but lately, something’s changed. The last few times you visited Mom and Dad, their house was messy, the fridge nearly bare, and empty medicine bottles were lying around. It’s reached a point where you are concerned about their health and wellbeing. What should you do? Deciding when to move aging parents into your home is never easy. What follows are several reliable ways to ensure it’s the best decision for your family.

Older Adults Face These Challenges

No matter how well your parents take care of themselves, age-related changes are inevitable. Older adults typically face these health and wellness challenges:

  • Changes to hearing and eyesight
  • Decreased flexibility, agility, and mobility
  • Weakened immune system
  • Social isolation
  • Malnutrition
  • Less physical and mental endurance
  • Chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis

Once a senior can longer perform one or more activities of daily living (ADLs), it places their quality of life and independence at risk.

Why Aging in Place is the Best Option

Seniors who live independently – including with their adult children – typically reap these benefits as a result:

  • More comfortable and private than other living arrangements
  • Costs less than an assisted living facility or nursing home
  • Helps prevent or slow the progression of memory loss
  • Strengthens social networks
  • Gives them more control over life decisions

Signs that Your Parents Are at Risk

If you are concerned that Mom or Dad can no longer take care of themselves without some assistance, look for these five telltale signs:

Changes in appearance

Rapid weight loss or gain, wearing the same clothes every day, and poor hygiene are all signs that your parents may need help. Cognitive red flags like memory loss, confusion, and forgetfulness could be signaling the onset of dementia.

Social isolation

Depression, anxiety, and dementia keep many older adults from socializing as they should. On the other hand, seniors that stay socially engaged tend to enjoy happier, healthier, and even longer lives than those who are lonely and depressed. In addition to interacting daily with you, spending time with grandchildren is a highly beneficial way for the average senior to get the socialization they need.

Driving safety issues

If your parents have recently received several tickets or been involved in multiple fender-benders, you should probably speak to them about driving safety. Suspicious dents and scrapes on their vehicle could also be a sign that it’s time to turn over the car keys for good. After respectfully sharing your concerns with Mom and Dad, share reliable transportation alternatives in your area with them.

Frequent falls

Fall-related injuries and fractures send millions of independent seniors to hospital emergency departments every year.  If one or both parents have fallen several times within the past year, they may need to move into your home for their safety. Before moving them in, do a home safety assessment and complete any necessary modifications based on what you’ve learned.

Poor money management

Stacks of past-due bills may be a sign that Mom and Dad are having trouble managing their finances. Offer to become a custodian on their bank and credit card accounts, which will also help protect them from financial scammers. If they haven’t already done so, encourage them to prepare a will and to choose someone as their durable power-of-attorney (POA) once they’re settled in.

Unfilled medication prescriptions

Memory loss, losing one’s driving privileges, and a lack of financial resources are all reasons why seniors don’t take their medications as prescribed. Having Mom and Dad living under your roof will allow you to monitor their medications and help them refill medication prescriptions before they run out.

Your Trusted Home Care Source in Fort Wayne, IN

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