No matter how respectful you are, it’s often difficult to talk to aging parents or grandparents about sensitive topics, such as finances, their health, or getting their legal affairs in order. Many seniors don’t want to admit they are growing older, while others are in denial about who will take care of them when they can no longer care for themselves. However, everyone has some things to discuss with elderly like the future and their health care including conversations on these five subjects.

How to Get Started

Before having “the talk” with your aging loved one, you’ll need to think about how to approach the conversation. That way, they’ll listen rather than tune you out and walk away. For starters, let Mom and Dad know the discussion is about them and their future wishes.

Once you’ve got a dialogue going, resist the urge to jump ahead and formulate a plan yourself. Instead, respectfully guide the conversation with open-ended questions that allow your loved ones to express their thoughts, feelings, concerns, and plans. If you are their child or grandchild, gently reassure them that you are not attempting to reverse roles.

Key Discussion Topics for Older Adults

Now that you’re ready, here are five topics to discuss with those special seniors in your life:

Legal issues

At the very least, your parents should have an updated will and a durable power of attorney for legal and healthcare decisions. Whether you are their POA or not, you should also know where those documents are. If you need help drawing up any legal documents, a good eldercare or estate planning attorney can advise you on your family’s given situation.

Home modifications

If your loved one’s home is not keeping up with its functional limitations, you’ll need to discuss modifications that can make their residence safer and more comfortable. From non-slip stair coverings to a walk-in shower stall and grab bars, find ways to create a senior-friendly home environment where they can safely age in place.

Medical expenses

Contrary to what you might think, Medicare does not pay for long-term care, while an annual nursing home bill can easily top $100,000. Since your loved one will more than likely need long-term care in the future, it’s vital to have “the talk” about who and where that care will come from, along with ways to pay for it without depleting their retirement nest egg.

Healthy habits

Seniors who are physically and socially active tend to be happier, healthier, and even live longer than those who aren’t. Respectfully encourage your loved ones to eat right, exercise regularly, get plenty of sleep, keep their medical appointments, and socialize often. If they are engaging in unhealthy activities such as smoking, watching too much TV, or drinking alcohol to excess, talk to them about the importance of kicking those bad habits to the curb.

End-of-life care

Although this is one conversation no one wants to have, that’s simply not realistic. Especially if they have a terminal illness, determine what you loved one’s wishes are – for instance, a “do not resuscitate (DNR)” order or not wanting to be placed on a ventilator.

While discussing end-of-life care is never easy, it’s a necessary conversation – one that will bring a whole new level of trust and intimacy into your relationship. Other aspects of end-of-life care that need to be discussed include where that care will take place, including your loved one’s private residence (home care or hospice care) as opposed to a nursing home.

Flexible In-Home Care for Seniors in Fort Wayne, IN

Although discussing future care needs with elderly loved ones is never easy, it is essential for their quality of life. Senior1Care is your trusted partner in providing quality, compassionate home care services to seniors living in Huntertown, Leo-Cedarville, Grabill, Auburn, Bluffton, and the greater Fort Wayne area. Our experienced caregivers are trained to deliver professional, reliable care in the same respectful and friendly manner that they would treat their family members.

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