Being around close friends makes us feel better. Moreover, positive friendships are good for our health and wellbeing at any age. As people grow older, many of their friends pass or move away which can lead to loneliness and isolation. Oftentimes it’s hard for older people to find new friends out in the community, therefore, many simply stop trying.

Researchers have found that seniors who socialize just a few hours each day are happier, healthier, less stressed, and less likely to get depressed than those who don’t. If you are currently looking after a senior loved one who’s still aging in place at home those are positives. But when that senior in your life is having trouble making new friends, it can be worrisome. To help your loved one establish new friendships, here are some great ways for seniors to meet other seniors that you can share with them.

Community Senior Centers

Even most small towns have a senior community center, and it’s a great place for seniors to take a class, exercise, play some cards, or just hang out over some coffee while discussing the latest with fellow seniors. Community centers also have numerous social activities like theme parties, movies, dances, cookouts, and more.

Senior Travel Clubs and Cruises

A lot of seniors dream of visiting places they’ve always wanted to see, and senior travel clubs and cruise ships are a great way to do so while meeting others with similar interests. These groups plan outings that run the gamut from day trips to longer vacations, and there are even travel clubs and cruise ship lines that cater to single seniors if they’re seeking a romantic interest, or two. Cruises feature activities like exercise classes, dining, dancing, music, and more that are designed to help passengers meet others and have fun.

Seniors Only Fitness Classes

Many local gyms and health clubs offer exercise classes tailored to seniors. Yoga, Pilates, cycling, light weight training, and water aerobics classes are great ways to keep elderly people fit and healthy as they forge new friendships.

Golf Courses

Golfing is an activity that many seniors enjoy, so golf courses are naturally a great spot for them to meet other seniors. Many courses have “seniors only” leagues available, and the clubhouse after a round is always a fun place to share a cold beverage and laughs with some newfound friends.

Facebook and Other Social Media

This is a good way for seniors to casually engage with other retired people, especially if they’re homebound. Teach your elderly loved one how to set up a Facebook page, and then they’ll be ready to meet new people or reconnect with old friends that may have moved away. It’s also a good opportunity to stay connected with senior-focused groups located in their community. If Facebook isn’t their cup of tea, there are other social media platforms available that might better serve their social interests.

Gardening Clubs

Gardening is a healthy and rewarding hobby for people of all ages, and many retired people enjoy growing their flowers, vegetables, herbs, and shrubs. Joining a local gardening club will provide your senior loved one with the chance to pursue their passion while honing their gardening skills and meeting others that like to garden too!

There you have it… several places where seniors can meet other seniors. Other socializing opportunities include volunteering in the community, taking a ballroom dancing class, or joining a local theater or book club. In the end, cultivating new friendships is a great way to ensure that your senior loved one stays healthier and happier as they continue aging in place at home.

We Love Helping Seniors Socialize!

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