The holiday season is usually a busy time of year, hiring a caregiver for your elderly loved ones can be a great solution to make the holidays happier, safer, and less stressful for everyone. 

Holiday Shopping

Be it in-person or online, holiday shopping is hard. Finding the right gift for everyone on your list, staying within your budget, and getting it all done in time is the challenge all of us face, but it can be even more difficult for seniors. With limited budgets and less comfort shopping both online and in-store, hiring a caregiver to help your loved one with their Christmas list can help make your holidays happier and your older loved ones more engaged in the process. 

Wrapping Gifts

Sometimes the hardest part of gift-giving is getting it to the recipient -the post office can be busy and hard to navigate, and wrestling with wrapping paper can be hard for arthritic hands. Caregivers can help seniors not only with shopping for their presents, but also by wrapping and mailing them too. 


It doesn’t feel like the holidays until your home is decorated. Pulling out boxes from the basement or garage can be a difficult task for older individuals and caregivers can help with that. Hired home caregivers can help your senior put up their tree, display their favorite decorations, and get the house ready for the holidays. They can even help put the decorations away after the new year! 

Cleaning the House

If your senior is expecting visitors or out-of-town guests this holiday season, a caregiver can help make sure the house is ready. Tasks like vacuuming, dusting, and other light housekeeping lets you and your loved ones focus on spending time together and enjoying each other’s company instead of cleaning. 

Baking Cookies and Other Holiday Treats

Many holiday traditions revolve around food. If your loved one has a traditional treat or part of the meal that they always contribute, a caregiver can help make sure that they can still bring their beloved items to the family table. 


Winter is an isolating time for seniors in general with more fall risks and dangerous weather. It can be hard to connect with loved ones both near and far. Hired home caregivers can not only help arrange in-person activities in the home and set up video calls so they can talk to loved ones who live far away, but caregivers can also be an important companion during the colder months. The caregiver can watch a senior’s favorite holiday movies with them, discuss how they used to celebrate holidays as a kid, play games together, and more. Sometimes just having a friendly face and activities to look forward to can make the holiday season less lonely and easier to manage. 

If you want to learn more about what Senior1Care’s caregivers can do to help you and your loved ones this holiday season by calling any of our offices below.