Senior Care

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Home Care Agency

By |2022-05-24T16:10:17-04:00July 18th, 2022|Home Care Agency|

It’s important to carefully weigh all your options before “signing on the dotted line.” Factors to consider when choosing a home care agency include services offered, reputation, and cost. Getting answers to the following questions will help ensure that all your care needs are met without breaking your budget.

Aging in Place – Preparing Your Parents’ Home

By |2022-05-11T09:35:00-04:00March 28th, 2022|Aging in Place as a Family|

For many seniors, the thought of having to leave their homes and move to a nursing home or assisted living facility is a devastating one. Because of this, most families try to do all that they can to help their parents age in place. When successful, aging in place means that a person can live in the space where they are most comfortable without losing out on the quality of life.

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