Medication Reminders in Indianapolis

Medication Adherence Support in Indianapolis

Remembering medications can be difficult. Many seniors take an average of three prescription drugs daily. Those with more chronic health problems can potentially be juggling dozens of pills every day, many receiving their prescriptions from multiple specialists. Limited mobility can leave seniors unable to drive to the pharmacy to pick up medications, and the small font on drug labels makes medication instructions difficult to read.

Taking the wrong medication, the wrong dose, or skipping the medication entirely can have adverse effects on health. In addition to many prescriptions having complex names, there are plenty of medications that sound similar to each other making medication schedules even more complicated.

Medication Reminders in Indianapolis

What Are Some of the Medication Challenges Indianapolis Seniors Are Facing?

Complicated Medication Schedules

When a regimen becomes too complicated it’s crucial you get help. Many seniors simply avoid taking their medications if the regime becomes too difficult or overwhelming. The long list of medications they are given, along with new medications they are routinely prescribed, can become a real challenge for seniors to manage on their own.

Medication-Related Emergencies

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, 55% of seniors do not follow their prescription drug orders correctly, and roughly 200,000 adults are hospitalized annually due to adverse drug reactions. Many senior falls or other serious complications are related to medication non-compliance. Forgetting or stopping certain medications suddenly can cause significant health issues for your loved one.

Medication Reminders and Supervision in Indianapolis, Indiana

Senior1Care’s caregivers in Indianapolis are the best solution for monitoring medication. Our trained caregivers can ensure your loved one’s prescriptions are managed – taken at the appropriate time, and at the right dosage. We create a habit of taking medication. Our caregivers also monitor and log any side effects so you can inform your doctor about any issues. Using a caregiver to remind seniors of medications helps them live a fulfilling life at home and maintain their health in the best way possible.

Regardless of whether a senior takes three medications a day or 15, using a trained Senior1Care caregiver for medication reminders can help keep your loved one living independently for as long as possible. At Senior1Care, our caregivers are passionate about helping seniors live happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

**Our caregivers are unable to administer medications through injections, IV therapy, suppositories, or force-feeding by law.

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Our Indianapolis Medication Supervision Includes Assistance With:

  • Ensuring medication is being taken in the correct dosage at the appropriate time

  • Assistance with reading labels and planning daily medication intake

  • Providing transportation to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions

  • Helping to organize medications when leaving the house to run errands or for longer trips

  • Logging medication intake daily, as well as any side effects experienced

  • Monitoring medication routines

  • Encouraging proper fluid intake and timely meals in accordance with medication needs

  • Adherence to plans provided by hospice, home health, and physicians

  • Providing feedback on why the medication wasn’t taken, how a patient felt after taking meds, and any additional information so your health team can best understand your senior’s overall health

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