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Light Housekeeping

Having a clean, tidy home can help prevent accidental injuries, boost the mood, and make it easier to live your day-to-day life. As you or your loved one continues to age, keeping up with household chores can become more difficult. Housekeeping can require a lot of physical mobility in the form of bending, stretching, and lifting. Senior1Care’s caregivers can help with light housekeeping as part of their services, making your home feel like home.

How Our Caregivers Can Assist

By assisting with light housekeeping and regular chores, we can make a senior’s home safer and more comfortable. From dishes to laundry, to taking out the trash, we make things more manageable. Also by using Senior1Care for light housework, you know there is someone taking care of your senior and their home that you can trust. We aim to take care of you or your loved one’s home the same way that you would, with care.


Light Housekeeping can include:

  • Assisting with laundry including clothes and linens
  • Washing dishes, cooking equipment, and wiping down countertops and surfaces
  • Caring for indoor plants
  • Clearing cluttered spaces and limiting potential falling hazards when possible
  • Disposing of trash and removing expired items from the refrigerator

Results of a Clean Home

Keeping a clean home helps maintain both physical safety and emotional wellbeing. Piles building up around the house pose a falling hazard and getting sheets off of the bed can be a struggle, by eliminating those fall risks you can stay in your home longer. Having a clean home improves emotional wellbeing by boosting one’s pride and mood. It also means that both you and your senior can focus on your time together and not be distracted by dishes. At Senior1Care, we can help reduce the stress of housekeeping, helping everyone feel better.

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