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Having provided home health services in northern and central Indiana for so many years, Senior1Care has quite a few happy clients. Hear for yourself what they have to say about their experiences.

Sam Carrillo, Executive Director, The Straford, Independent Retirement Living

Sam Carrillo, Executive Director, The Straford, Independent Retirement Living

Client Testimonials

Ann McCuiston

Ann McCuiston

Don Degroff

Don Degroff

Chris Spataro

Chris Spataro

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Senior1Care: Meet Roger

Christina and Nina At the farmer's market

Christina And Nina's afternoon at the Farmers Market

Susan and Jack Fuhrer

The Susan & Jack Story

Kaye and Ellen

Kaye and Ellen

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On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give Senior1Care a 10... and more!

Senior1Care: Ray's Story

Ray's Story

Caregiver Testimonials

Employee, Ericka L.

Ericka L., MSW

Jackie S., CNA - Senior1Care Caregiver

Jackie S., CNA

Christina G., CNA - Senior1Care Caregiver

Christina G., CNA

Employee Karen H., CNA

Karen H., CNA

Employee Diane R., CNA

Diane R., CNA

Shannon L., CNA

Nicole K., Senior1Care Caregiver

Nicole K.

Employee Lauren S.

Lauren S., CNA

Tranita P., CNA

Management Team

Employee Patrick Broccolo

Patrick Broccolo, Co-owner

Annie Lacy, RN, Executive Director

“I never dreamed I could feel this happy about a job. I feel like I have finally found my calling and I know I’m making a difference as a caregiver!  My clients are real people with needs and goals and I love building relationships with them.  I could not imagine a better job! Thank you Senior1Care for reminding me to dream again!!” – Alicia T.

“Your caregiver provided the most excellent service I ever could’ve hoped for when moving my Mom to a new facility. She was willing to do anything we asked. Whether it was helping us move boxes to the car or sitting with my Mom and rubbing her back while we got things moved into the new room. She was a calming, confident presence for my Mom. Thanks to all of the staff at Senior1Care for all of your work. I really appreciated your professionalism and your flexibility. I would recommend you to anyone!” – Laura C.

“I want to thank you for the wonderful care my Mom received from all of your staff. Each caregiver was professional, compassionate, and understanding of my Mom and her condition. I live out of town, but frequently visited for the day or longer so I had the privilege to meet and interact with many Senior1Care staff. It is such a blessing to know that such quality people were with Mom. Your agency allowed Mom to stay in her home right to the end of her life. I am so grateful for each person and the love they extended to Mom. Thanks again!! God Bless you all!!” – Mary F.

“It is with great respect and thankfulness our family sends this message. We knew when meeting with you that we needed help with our father, we just didn’t realize how much help we needed. Once you were in his home it was amazing what your care, sensitivity to Dad, to the family and your caring positive attitude did to change things for all of us.We realized we had done exactly what was to be our next step in being able to care for him at home.

We had no idea what it would be like to have others in the home for those long stretches of time. The family was there a lot to care for and be with Mom as well but how wonderful it was to have a team of people caring for each other and taking care of Dad. Each person from Senior1Care touched our lives in a way that we could not have anticipated and that helped us through it all. From greeting Mom and Dad, shoveling snow during the great snow storms over the holidays, doing laundry and dishes, smiles that gave us confidence, words of reassurance, knowledge of what can be expected next, working with Hospice on a professional level and even serving tea (we always had tea) in a moment we needed comfort and did not know what to do next. In reflecting back over the time Senior1Care assisted my family, we had no idea how much we would need you and counted on you and what an impact you would have on our lives.

Thank you very much. Your gift of caring for others is so apparent and we are blessed to have been touched through your gifts and talents. Can’t say enough, but will forever be thankful for God guiding us to you! God bless you as you bless others…” – H. Family


“I don’t know what I would do without Senior1Care’s assistance for my parents at The Waterford. We previously had another agency taking care of them and there is no comparison. Your care has been excellent! Senior1Care has been an angel dropped from heaven”. – Kris H.

“Your staff is fabulous! You can really tell they hire for quality not quantity. The caregivers and owners are truly involved in meeting everyone’s personal needs. On a scale of 1-10, I rate you a 10+” – Jill F.

“What most impressed me about your services are the caring and positive attitudes of your caregivers. They treated my mom as if she was part of their family”. – Karen S.

“You have a great crew of caregivers! Each person brought different personalities and skills for Joe to experience. I am so grateful to each and every one of you. All of you made Joe’s last years very pleasant for him. I would recommend your agency to anyone. Thank you again!” – Virginia L.

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