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Senior1Care Testimonials

Senior1Care has provided quality home health services in central and northern Indiana for more than a decade, so naturally we have many happy clients who are eager to talk about their positive experiences with us.

Christina and Nina At the farmer's market

Christina And Nina's afternoon at the Farmers Market

On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give Senior1Care a 10... and more!

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Client Testimonials

Susan and Jack Fuhrer

The Susan & Jack Story

Kaye and Ellen

Kaye and Ellen

Go Irish! Go Senior1!

Senior1Care: Barbara's Story

Barbara's Story

Senior1Care: Meet Roger

Senior1Care: Meet Roger

Senior1Care: Ray's Story

Ray's Story

Caregiver Testimonials

Employee, Ericka L.

Ericka L., MSW

Jackie S., CNA - Senior1Care Caregiver

Jackie S., CNA

Christina G., CNA - Senior1Care Caregiver

Christina G., CNA

Employee Karen H., CNA

Karen H., CNA

Employee Diane R., CNA

Diane R., CNA

Shannon L., CNA

Nicole K., Senior1Care Caregiver

Nicole K.

Employee Lauren S.

Lauren S., CNA

Tranita P., CNA

Management Team

Employee Patrick Broccolo

Patrick Broccolo, Co-owner

Employee Wand Neil, Care Coordinator

Wanda Neil, Care Coordinator

Annie Lacy, RN, Executive Director

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