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Dementia Care

Caring for someone with dementia requires patience. Seniors experiencing memory issues and dementia have a unique set of challenges. Actions can be taken to help slow the progression of memory loss and keep seniors happy and healthy for as long as possible, but it’s hard without professional help.

Maintaining routines and familiar surroundings can be very beneficial, but have the potential to turn dangerous. Living at home can help reduce confusion, but the live flame from the stove or the heat from a toaster can be a major fire hazard. Having someone there to monitor and assist your senior can be the best of both worlds, providing the care needed in a familiar setting..

Dementia Care at Home

Dementia care provides specific support to those who struggle with memory loss. Senior1Care targets certain needs which are unique to dementia patients. We create a routine for the person with dementia focused on tenderness, patience, and flexibility. We answer and re-answer questions with care, all while providing respite for their loved ones.

Our staff specializes in patients with Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of memory loss. Based on the severity of the dementia we provide expert care for your loved ones so that you can continue to take on your own individual life tasks.


Senior1Care Can Help

Senior1Care has a specific arrangement of care for dementia patients that manage their daily needs and ensure the upkeep of their mental wellbeing. Our caregivers are specifically trained in dementia care to deliver the appropriate care for your family member.


Here are a few ways in which Senior1Care can help.

  • Adhere to a daily schedule to help minimize stress that can aggravate a dementia patient.
  • Assisting your loved ones in bathing, grooming, and dressing with tenderness and patience and encouragement by breaking down these daily activities into smaller more manageable steps.
  • For those who are anxious or wander at night, we can provide nighttime coverage.
  • Keeping your loved one mentally stimulated by keeping up with hobbies, putting together puzzles, doing errands, or taking walks.
  • Assistance with transportation to doctor appointments and picking up prescriptions.
  • Delivering peace of mind, supervising against accidents or injury.
  • Providing a break for family caregivers, so you can go back to being family.

Helping Family Members

Senior1Care takes care of your loved one so you can run errands or recharge with the peace of mind that your loved one is supported by a trained caregiver. Being recharged and well rested allows you to be your best for your loved one. We plan daily activities for your loved one based on your loved one’s needs, interests, and abilities giving you the space and time to take care of other things.

Our caregivers at Senior1Care understand the importance of routine, and how familiar environments can help reduce the anxiety and stress of those struggling with dementia. We are passionate about helping seniors live happily and safely where they are most comfortable, at home.

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