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Legacy CNA Training Sue and Mary

Sue McPherren, RN, Program Director Legacy CNA Training and Mary Lou Fewell, RN, Founder, Michiana Healthcare Training and Instructor, Legacy CNA Training

About Legacy CNA Training

Legacy CNA Training is a certified nursing assistant training school that Senior1Care owns and operates. In 2016, Legacy taught approximately 200 students and for the first time ever passed EVERY student – a 100% pass rate! Many of those graduates work for Senior1Care which is an example of the exceptional staff we have assisting our clients compared to the other competitors in our industry. Under the leadership of Senior1Care, Legacy CNA Training continues to grow and now operates in two locations – Mishawaka and Carmel, Indiana.

Why Legacy CNA Training?

Employment Opportunities

We understand the importance of guiding our students toward a fulfulling career in healthcare. In addition to being considered for employment at Senior1Care, job postings from across Northern Indiana and Indianapolis regions are frequently shared with our students.

Accelerated Day Training – 3 Weeks
Evening Training – 6 Weeks

Our accelerated training program allows students an opportunity to secure employment sooner than most of our competitors.

Frequent Class Offerings

We offer classes every 3 weeks which allows students the flexibility to choose a class which fits into their personal schedule.

Highest Pass Rate in Indiana

Highest Pass Rate in Indiana – Since our inception, our 99% pass rate is the highest of any CNA training program in Indiana.

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) are certified by the State of Indiana to provide care to residents and patients in various healthcare capacities and positions. Becoming a CNA will allow you an opportunity to make a real difference in the life of a person suffering from an illness, disease or disability. The growing demand for CNAs within the healthcare field is expected to explode as the population continues to age and is a valuable place to begin for anyone wanting a new or progressive career in healthcare!

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To learn more about Legacy CNA Training, including class schedules, student testimonials and questions about tuition, please visit the full website.

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