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In Memory

In Memory

Loretta’s Story

Many of the services provided by Senior1Care are modeled after care needed for Carl’s mother, Loretta. She passed away at age 95 while living independently in her own residence. During the final stages of her life, she needed the services of a home care agency. The Bossungs were unable to find quality, reliable agencies that met their standards to serve her. Thus, the idea of starting a family business emerged. Loretta would have been proud to have seen the success of Senior1Care and the philosophy it embraces.



Jan’s Story

When the family business was formed in the spring of 2006, Carl’s wife, Jan, assisted with many of the details in starting a business. From decorating the office to ordering supplies and answering the phones, Jan’s enthusiasm and attention to detail set the stage for Senior1Care quality. Her years as a medical professional helped guide the company in its early months. Unfortunately, Jan was unexpectedly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in December 2006 and passed away October 31, 2007. The family continues to operate the business in her memory and with the kindness and compassion that she exhibited to all of those with whom she came in contact.

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