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Warm Weather Tips for Seniors

sun symbolWith summer upon us, as caregivers we need to remember to be proactive and help protect our clients from the heat and sun. Seniors dehydrate more quickly than others and their skin is more susceptible to the sun. Therefore, make sure to encourage an adequate daily fluid intake and increase the amount in warmer weather. Water is the best choice as soda, coffee and tea contain diuretics which increase water removal from the body. Clients should wear a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses when outside. Provide shade when remaining outside for prolonged periods of time. While a little Vitamin D is good for us all, seniors cannot tolerate the heat and humidity like younger adults. Even while driving in the car, the sun’s rays can penetrate the front windshield and cause sunburn. Let’s keep our seniors “sun safe” by remembering these few tips!

By Nancy Hanley, RN
Geriatric Care Manager

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